Return To Work:

It is Our Guiding Principle and Our Shared Goal

As the preferred medical provider for many workers’ compensation insurance carriers, Medac Corporate Health offers prompt, efficient and thorough injury care management—from diagnostics to remedial attention to on-going treatment and therapies—with a strong return-to-work ethic. Additionally, we have a comprehensive network of like-minded, return-to-work referral partners who work with us to achieve your workers’ compensation healthcare objectives.

Our corporate health staff is experienced with the complex claims and reimbursement processes that are part of Workers’ Compensation law. Proper management and continuity of care are thoroughly documented to protect you, as well as your employees. Within 24–48 hours, you will receive a detailed accident report/return-to-work form that will explain the diagnosis, treatment, return to duty and follow-up plan in detail. We are always available to answer your questions should you need additional support.

From diagnostics to remedial attention to any ongoing treatment and therapies, Medac Corporate Health is an expert Workers’ Compensation Care provider—with the focus of getting your employees back to health, and back on the job.

To discuss any current workers’ compensation cases, or to proactively learn about our care should you need these services in the future, please call us at 910.338.4036.